A toy needs love too....
You were happy because I was something new and fun to play with,
At first, it seemed lime everything I did amazed and befuddled you,
Where did those times go?
Was it meant to not be so soon or was it that we got old? 
Was it because I got boring, so you just started ignoring?
I did something you didn't , but instead of talking about it, you put me away in spite?
I'm so confused and lost,
All those promises and kind words said...
Just random things that came from your head
I suppose,
But what am I besides a teddy bear?
New, cuddly, fun to have, an easy listener, but I have a heart too,
I've seen you at your best and worse, everything you've been through,
You gave me a hug, then I felt warm and comfortable, 
Then I guess we grew apart and I became vulnerable, 
You exposed my weak spot that i opened up to how you affection,
Not too long later there was the feeling of emptiness and rejection,
You had new things and your life needed to adjust,
While I sat on the shelf, withering, gathering dust.....
This poem is about: 
Our world


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