Tough Love


Hiding, can I come out of it?

The way you show your love,

Oh so tough.

How can you say you love,

When you act as a steel;

Keeping yourself locked

How did this ever happen?

I'm not perfect, but do you believe that?

Maybe one day I will believe.

That it was tough love.

That you kept yourself locked inside,

Not because of hate,

Not because of tough love,

But maybe because of hurt.

Because you've been through a lot.

Will I learn to understand?

From your viewpoint.

Will I learn to cope? To deal with it all.

I'm waiting for change,

I'm willing to change.

Can we move past this?

Is it possible to let the past go?

And start all over again.

Memories will never fade,

The scars will never go away.

But we can try to make it work

We're not perfect, we're all we have.



Love the messge of your poem!! You are so talented 

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