Torn Reflection

Thu, 07/14/2016 - 19:40 -- GabyC

The words flow out of my mind.

They are written delicately on the film sheet of paper.

Combining into one another

In which way no other thing could.


The pen floats right above the paper.

The creation of something new and unique.

A piece of art.

I dare a human to write like me.

To create like I do.


My mind.

My poem.

My world.

My reality.


I discovered this distorted vision during adolescence.

When I grew bigger.

My skin stretched.

My thoughts went to places it never went before.


It was the beginning for me.

I had found a new pair of eyes.

A pair that saw the world a little clearer than before.

A view of the world that held a little more destruction

Because it held the truth of a wiser mortal`s mind.


My own words were destruction.

I spoke of my own damages.

Things I found flawed in myself.

I never seemed to realize that

People still find me beautiful.


Poetry became my mirror.

It allowed me to see how dreadful I let my mind become.

It gave me the ability to find out what I’m worth,

How much I value myself,

How much I value my life.


That’s how I view poetry.

Poetry is my mirror.

My floating pen is my reflection.

Poetry is my truth.



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