What have I done?

concrete bruises

and where will this end

how much would you spend to sell your soul

to forget the regret,

she whispers to me

"set free this mental disease,

everything is alright"

I know

lots of things too,

but I still want to cry until I can't breathe

flood my dreams with gray storms

warm my heart with this nectar

gold center

where I was born

torn between decisions

"remember" she whispers

the universe works with precision,

please listen to your guide


but where is she now


I feel so lost

if she has been with me then is this the cost of learning? of knowing..

hopefully growing, 

like my pain and the mistakes I have made 


But there are no mistakes

don't compare fake reality

as it is, it should be

please set me free of this blissful agony


This is not  me. 


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