Torment of Heartbreak


United States
39° 21' 41.1588" N, 76° 35' 21.3972" W

Why must pain be my motivation?
Learning lessons from heartache and devastation
I grow wiser from each past relation
The good always experiences the bad
Why do optimist appear happy but feel sad?
Lifes goal is the pursuit of happiness, but this a climax that can never be reached
I try to shelter my emotions but its always breached
We live in a world thats so cold
Got me feeling emotionally bold
Expressing emotions I thought I never had
Just the thought of losing you makes me mad
Its necessary that I block my heart
In time I'll understance why we are two worlds apart
No more pain from the memories that had me sheading tears
Acceptance over time but damn it took year



Inspired by pain

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