TOPIC #2 A Cowboy's Tune

A Cowboy’s Tune

My bridle’s in the dirt.
My saddle squeaks all day.
I want to see the barn
And give this horse some hay.

Lonely is the life of
A cowboy in the rain.
He’d be an engineer
If he used but half his brain.

The mountains on the left.
The river on the right.
The cattle in the meadow;
We’ll rest here for the night.

I pull my bed roll,
Store the tack,
Take off my spurs and
Hit the sack.

The stars are shining.
The coyotes howl.
I hear the hoot
Of a very wise old owl.

The morning comes…
The clouds are hanging low.
There is frost on the ground.
I hope it doesn’t snow.

I stretch really hard.
Then, much to my surprise,
Someone’s looking down at me!
So I look right in their eyes,

And discover that my Mother
Was holding me on her lap!
I was only dreaming
While taking a little nap!

--- Sigh ---

Well that’s ok…
I hope I didn’t snore.
The cattle can wait…
Because I…am…only…four.

This poem is about: 
My family


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