Yesterday, I awoke,

I opened my eyes to a stranger, a poke.

A stranger was tapping me, I stood up

He sat down with the morning news and a coffee cup.


Yesterday, I walked down the street, 

My stomach was growling, I wanted some meat.

I found an alley and dug through the trash,

If only I had a little bit of cash.


Yesterday, I went into a store,

I hoped I could sneak some food, and walk out the door.

Before I got in, the manager took a look at my clothes, 

And yelled, “Get out and put some shoes on your toes!”


Yesterday, I was so desperate for a sip of water,

The day began to get hotter and hotter.

I no longer knew what to do, 

I just needed something that I could chew.


Last night, I found someone else sleeping on my bench, 

When I walked by, you would not believe the stench!

I began searching for something to sleep on,

I was extremely tired, it was almost dawn.


This morning, I awoke on the hard, cold cement,

I still had nothing, not even a cent.

I asked a lady for a little money,

She laughed and stuck her nose up, she thought it was funny. 


This afternoon, I applied for another job.

Ripping up my application, he said, “Get out, you slob!”

Ashamed, I walked back outside,

Thinking to myself, I give up! I have tried and tried. 


Today, I stole some food from the grocery store,

I almost made it out of the door.

Then, some cops came in and arrested me,

I cried, “I mean no harm, I am just hungry!”


Tonight, I found myself behind bars,

I no longer have to fall asleep to the sound of honking cars.

I finally have a clean bed to sleep on, 

I drifted peacefully off to sleep as I began to yawn.


Tomorrow, I won’t have to worry about having a meal to eat,

I now have warm shoes to wear on my feet.

I will no longer awake to any random stranger,

Being in jail is such a life changer. 

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This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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