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Some days are always full of sorrow
And the only hope to which we somewhat cling
Is the clean slate of tomorrow
And the joy that it will bring

We face temptation and sin
We fight for our lives and hold to our beliefs
But how can we win
When our judgment is clouded with griefs

Where is the hope that the little girl sang of in Annie
Where is the strength to wipe away the cobwebs and sorrow
How to see past the griefs that are too many
Where is our great tomorrow

We can't say we didn't try cause that isn't true
We fought for some sense of peace
But still our favorite colors are gray and blue
I wish these trials would cease

Why keep trying if they will never fade
Why keep fighting if it's all in vain
Why in the shadows we should not have stayed
Because we know that Jesus is coming again

The reason we must keep going
The reason there is no option to give up
Is because of the one and only son of God who knew exactly what he was doing
The temptations and the devil can just shut up

We have the strength through Christ to be free
We have the courage of steel
We have the chance of eternity
And this happiness and safety we one day shall feel


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