Together or Alone


She say "look back at it" i say look forward. Looking back means looking at whats used. Looking back at it means remembering the anger and pain. Looking back at it means feeling this way every time i think about it. So don't tell me look back at it, because it aint pretty. Look forward at whats new. Look forward to things that want and come to you. And if you don't want me to that's fine with me, just don't say we cool when I'm gone doing me. We said we cool but we aint talking. Said you my ride or die but watch me die and you fake cry. I Put you first but you put me last. We started from nothing and grew to something but inside I still feel like nothing. Whats wrong I don't know, but please believe I'll find out. I got 7 days till I check out and move on, 1 month till I tap out and grow on. Will you be there when I'm gone. or are we both finally growing alone?



This is real heart felt poem from 2 closely distant emotions in my recent life. They show and tell the truth of my emotions.

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