brown hands that hold burned finger tips and tear drops that fall silently inside
with these words, can i give you love?
with these words, can i be that handkerchief to keep them dry?
with these words, let me be the one to wash those burns away.. gently..
in me you can confide

a poetic mind, a heart that can’t be defined, we live together in this world undescribed, unwritten, but it’s vivid language only seen & created by us
like wine, I drink those words you spill, emotion flows..
with those words, i can taste you

dark nights, dark minds, dark hearts, dark signs that tell me all the same
friends, just friends, but somekind of unearthly connection, soul to soul, can you feel my pain?
something tells me you do
this passion we hold for others, soaked in our own love, driving into our own insanity.. it’s unusual

you have lips that blow away fear and drink down denial for a moment or two, i handle it all inside
i drink my own insanity down and swallow it proud just to keep the same ole face. a laugh. a smile.
but in that aftermath is a silent echo, some kind of cry, can you hear it? it’s weak whispers they can’t grasp

brown hands.. you hold love in those brown hands
teardrops for your pain, i feel it too
burned fingertips that dry away your rain, i want to feel it if you let me through
brown hands.. you create love with those brown hands..
life given in palms, beautiful
with these words,
i hope to take away those black burns
dry up those raining eyes
give hope to those reigning whys
oh God whys?

dear friend, you give me love
i give you truths
in a colloboration of words
that dare not hide..
they say something like,
i love you

and I said “sometimes I just feel so alone”
and he said something like, “well we can be alone, together”


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