Today You Still Have The Same Love For Me

Every time you say I-love-you, it sounds the same way.
You’ve said it more times than I can remember,
But it feels so good to hear you say it again tonight.
I know that you mean it because your actions show it.

You seldom lour and there’s no pretence in your smile.
The unusual way you hold me hasn’t changed a bit.
Your lips have the same sensation when I kiss you.
And a sparkle is still in your eyes when you look at me.

The lamp of your love continues to burn brightly.
My heart isn’t dull when you’re here to give me joy.
You were so in love with me when we got married.
Darling, today you still have the same love for me.

I like to spend time with you coz you never bore me.
Although people change, your love never changes.
The most rewarding thing is that you’re my spouse.
Nancy, I’ll have the same love for you day after day.


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