Today i'm not rapping
Today i'm talking about something that done happend
Blind baffled sheep you didn't see the wool being pulled over your eyes while being herded into your corral
you are chattel yet you are man
The only difference between you and the sheep is u know your birth date. The change you make while working your 9-5 is misley grass. You're being fed while they grub. You are being worked instead of working.
How can you be so content with waddling in slop that you become the slop?
Today I'm not actin
Today i'm exposing things that have gone missing
What happened to love. Do u remember when love didn't cost a thing and just putting a smile on someone's face was enough? Remember when lending a helping hand was noble and meant respect? Do you remember when Phili’ was the city of brotherly love?Maybe we've been washed just enough that these things don't mean nothing any more
Today i'm asking questions!
I pray that someone can answer! Cuz honestly enough is enough! We blame too much on ignorance and coincidence. How can a building fall without being touched? How is a person a criminal when all they wish to do is uplift? I thought we walked out of the dark ages? The printing press brought us into the light but it still seem like half of us can't read. Were we not enlightened? I thought the crips and bloods came to a truce? I guess only a few got the message.
Message. I heard your hot line boing a thousand times but u never took head of the messages that were in your notifications. Aristotle tried to teach you, shakespear tried to show you, Gandhi brought peace to you, King tried to unite you and Malcolm tried to protect you! But all you saw in your textbooks was bull shit and countless doodles from past years.
So today im not rappin and i been through today it is questions that I am askin! Today i want you to ponder the questions that I am asking because this is ridiculous! Today i put my fist in the air and i say power to the people, because they want to make you chattle too.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Aaron Chapman

This piece is something that i feel will make us all question something. 

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