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Today is my day
The day i stand up and take it back
I take my doubt, worries, fears, and confusion
Today is mine, seize or be seized
So I'll jump to the music of mixtapes
Scale the ladders of freedom on fire escapes
Dress up like Batman, all black cape
I'll drink my drinks, think my thinks
I love God but never felt a presence
Love girls but is their present presence a present
Is college my only way, or even right
Will i be a freeman or a jailbird
Flying to heights, but only met bars
Am I good enough for fame, or stars
Black Lexus, Cadillac cars
Today i raise my fist and fight
Fight boredom
My share of tears because I care
Fight myself, because i lose to subconscious needs
Fight to do homework
Then fight to not check my news feed
Today I want to re-invent
Change my name
Grow a little
Learn a talent
Date the girl i never did
Work harder at being me
Today is a day
Today is the day
Today is my day
The day is mine


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