A toast to an obsoleting post

Ok! So we clashed in town…
…and he was looking at me like a clown
even with a lot of bold hairy beard
I could still see he was bothered with fear; that is weird!

Damn! Seriously, damn! You?
I mean you are the new?
Haha, such a Sense of humor
You must have done nothing cos you look more"

“Mehn!”, let us find somewhere to take a sip
I really deserve some hints, at least a tip
What actually made you that rocky
And me of all is getting the mockery?

It is pathetic, our silly Pursuits of Happiness
The games, played, Fooled; thinking I am clueless
Welcome, dumb, you Look In fact amazing
but Do not be too comfortable... you might soon be descending

You took from me a pot of Gold
One thing I thought could never be sold
I guess I went with spear to an armor fight
When I could barely see, where I wore glasses to improve my sight

To you, a potential looser, a remarkable Toast
For now I am expiring, so cheers to an obsoleting post"
I was the favorite toy and now an old Joy"
if it gets to your turn, be a man and not an Old Boy*

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