A Toast to Friendship


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A Toast to Friendship

A toast to the friendships that have lasted

And a toast to the ones that haven’t

We all have met friendship in its many shapes and forms

Sometimes it comes around in the lightest of days and stays for the darkest of nights

Sometimes it leaves when the seasons change

And I just want to say thank you to friendship

For Building me up

And making me who I am

For sometimes leaving and sometimes staying

For being there when others weren't


A Toast to Friendship

For making sure I am always growing and moving on

For showing me that even when it seems like the world is ending

That the sky will never show light again

And the seasons will never move past winter

That all it really is is just a thunderstorm on the warmest of summer days

Waiting for a new beam of sunlight


A Toast to Friendship

For fooling me with all their lies and tricks

For framing me for something I never did

And making it harder and harder for me to move on

For filling themselves within my photo albums and memories

To continue to be found for years after


A Toast to Friendship

For showing me a world outside of the small town I call home

And opening my eyes to different possibilities.

For encouraging me to follow my dreams

Letting me know that the sky is not the limit

But the stars, space, and galaxy beyond


A Toast to Friendship

For celebrating what makes us different

Instead of disapproving the divergent

Because trying to blend in has always been one of my specialties


A Toast to Friendship

For making an awkward conversation

Turn into a comfortable one

Just with their presence

And for believing in me

Then taking that belief away

So that I had no choice but to start believing in myself


A Toast to Friendship

Because when they left

They were back later in a different form

Ready with new twists and tricks


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