To those that I'm leaving behind

Never will I every forget your faces or what you did.

To those of us moving on

I hope to see all of you again one day.

To my friends 

We will have to hang out and get caught up and remember the great times we had.

To my family 

I know it's hard to see your baby go but you gotta let me spread my sings and fly away.

To those i've yet to meet

I look foreward to the day we finally meet.

To those i've met.

I'd liketo thank you for always being there and having my back.

To my future self

I see the path a head and i hope to stay true  to it

To my past mistakes I'll learn from you all and i'll change my ways

Most importantly....


Yes you the reader. The one whose always supported my work by reading what i write and liking it and being so uplifting  with ur comments. it's really mad me a better writer. 

TO my friend Bailey. 

I know your reading this now. I know you are just getting started on ur poetry on this site but keep going and you'll get the bigest fan base and the biggest support group ever. Thank you for being a supporter of my works the past few days. Just keep on writing and don't slow down. You'll get to where you wanna be.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Bailey Reynolds

I love this poem so much and I can't put into words how it makes me feel ever time I read it

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