But the tings I am not

I am... loud, passionate, fearless, and unstoppable.

I believe... every animal deserves a chance.

I am... a lover of books, an up and coming scientist, and as curious as a cat.

I stand... by my choices, up for those who cannot, and strong against adversity.

But the things I am not make me who I never planned to become, but am happy to be.

I am not... willing to bow down to others only because they asked.

I am not... perfect, we're all merely human.

I am not... going to stand back and watch my beliefs crumble before my eyes.

I am not... willing to change myself to fit others ideals of me.

I am not... always confident in myself or my appearence. 

In spite of all the things I am not... I am wonderful.

I am every bit as perfectly miscontrued as the rest of you.

I am an aspiring female science, and I want to research sharks.

People have tried to tell me that what I want to do is "dangerous" or even that I'm incapable for a scientific career because I'm a woman.

I am... here to prove them all wrong.

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Our world


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