Timeline of beloved regret.

Thu, 04/04/2019 - 20:13 -- mmeccia

Who saw the kid in the clown suit? He was on the swingset.

An empty cup for change that nobody gave.


Who saw the kid in the three piece suit. He was on beach of lake michigan.

Flying a kite. The fedora was a nice touch although it was windy.


Who saw the kid with the pointy incisors. he was on the school bus.

The dentist Filed them down a bit.


The kid who kept trying out for the school concert?

I played a couple times. passionately. 


The kid who saw a movie alone?

I had my guitar and a large wicker hat.


The kid who draws quite well.

I do other kinds of art now.


who is he?

A friend group vagabond.

A solo joker.

A caring learner.



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