Time to Tear You Off My Walls

Thu, 08/22/2013 - 20:07 -- macero1


Time to make mistakes,

take a chance,

kiss the summer fling,

and hold hands till sun set.

I'm here to grow up not down.

Kiss the stars and wink at the moon.

I've got a heart on full health

And a potion in my adventure pouch

I'm tearing you of my walls

like old posters of a childhood stars

I'm knee deep in pictures of love

stuff them into a scrapbook

and tying a yellow ribbon around it

screaming: "Won't forget me"

I stay up painting a cloudy day of sunlight

making a contradiction of my life

I'm here to hear the whisper

Of how beautiful I am

Sitting next to a bonfire

And sitting in a set of warm arms

I'm on full health and I won’t be blinking in red light

My heart and mind made decisions

Learned everything there was to learn

but one thing

How emotions live for a reason

I've talked with the stars and educated the moon

Tearing you off my walls

like old poster of idol stars

Knee deep in pictures of past

Stuff them in a scrapbook

Tie with a twine string

whispering: it was the second time you made me promises


Wake up one night to a red paint

On an unlikely canvas

Two passed

And the covers stained

Quick to where the red lights blink

The siren takes me to rocky shores.

I’m finally blinking at the end of my life

Only to lose another

Next thing I know

The song in my head goes of

Dear Prudence

Cold shoulders

No one to lean on

Forever lost in a sea of green

What happened to yesterday

Shiver in an empty room

White walls in need

Of posters of idol stars

Pictures of Love

Scattered about the floor

Along with a patient record

Tied with words along lines


Now i'm free and can do as i please

I'm here to make mistakes

take chances

and grow a little more

i'm a girl so naive

but i'll be a woman for sure

touch the stars and turn to ice

kiss the sun and melt all nice

But forever when I look at the moon

I’ll know together we were one

And I’ll see my little girl soon.


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