The Time of My Life

Going into the program, I had no idea what I was doing.I was quiet and closed off before they got ahold of me.The four instructors all shaped who I am, each bringing something special into my life. They helped me gain confidence and made me the leader I am today. I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and though I complained then, I am so very grateful now.  First Sergeant Fry, the big brother figure I never had.He pushed me most, forcing me out of my safe zone.He didn't let me back down from anything.He was loud and playful but fierce and caring.He was the most patient man I've ever met, and always had time for anyone. The day he retired, I remember the ballroom going dead silent.That's how much we loved him. First Sergeant Lodwermilk, the grandpa of the program.He is a gentle soul and was always there when you needed him.When he wasn't roaming the halls, he was hiding up in supply drinking coffee.He's the kind of man who isn't afraid to fight for what is right.  Colonel Meharg was the leader of the program.He liked to joke around but was serious when needed.He always supported me to no end in everything, even outside the program.He was honest and is not afraid to let you know what he thinks.He will give you a hard time but thinks of all 300+ members of the program as his own child.  Lastly Chief Thomas.I didn't like this man at first.Likely because he replaced First Sergeant Fry,but as I came to know him,I came to really respect and admire him as a man.He was the one that got up at ungodly hours of the morning to take the drill team across the state. Even when we didn't win, he never let us know how proud of us he was.It made me proud to do my best even if I don't win. JROTC was a program that I went into blind and came out a better person.It saved my life and helped me through a very hard time.I have so many memories of it, that if I take it out of my high school years,I'd have almost nothing left. It made me a better personMy only complaint is that my time in the program and with the instructors came to an end. 

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My family
My community


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