This time don't be you please

so much time has passed since the last time you said
I love you.
what happened with you,
I don't know how you are,
my soul so sad and lonely,
my gray heart does not look bright,
I feel my loneliness aimlessly,
how to know If you still love me,
oh how to take out so much pain of my heart.

my love please tell me you have not talked to me because you will no longer talk to me ever,
please i beg that even in life
I have been beaten with broken heart more than five times,
I ask you just remember that you healed me to six more times.

Please dont be you who break it now,
dont be you please,
i prefer it pulled up to seven times
but not this time,
I pray with the strength of the look,
with the force of love so clean unshakable love
that never even once,
match between halves was like my heart
was hurt for no reason.

You told me the last time that everything was going wrong around you, I know, I recognize personal issues, family, sad, painful but my love
don't make me suffer so,
Once I told you that you formed part of my heart,
but I know that you settle every part of it.

don't go love, please, not this time
I have so much pain in my soul
and it is too early for a goodbye.
i know that your problems are so big and serious,
i try to heal the wound a little,
i know that the departure of someone
or something has been so frustrating,
how help when the heart dies.

I understand why I lost everything in life,
everything is momentary,it goes,it breaks,fleet, run, fly, cries.
I thought that there would no be one person in the world who understood me in a part inside me
but you understood a little,
I think that in the deep of you you came to love me,
but today you left and all is not the same,
I have life and desire to it.


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