Time to Chill


something al know about, but are still unfamiliar with

So many things we can do with time like,....

Measure it, clock it, you can't stop it,

watch it go by, spend, waste it,...

waste it. And now I'm behind it.

Then I try to ask for more, but there is none.

There's no store that I can find that can help me mature, and teach me how to no longer be wasteful...

Wasteful with my time, a thing that there is no refund for 

I could have been out working, making greenbacks,

but instead, I've just been relaxed

I've been chillin


Let me tell you. I have become a pro in this vocation

Now I'm not trying to convert you to my practice,

but if you lack the laxness,

I've got enough to supply the nation.

So just lay your finger on the dial of your mind,

and turn to my station.


But maybe it's ok to waste time, because all this stress throughout the day is wack.

I wasn't made for this.

A balancing act, with life piled high on my plate, walking on a tightrope of trepidation.

My mishap is the fact that I'm destined to snap

But sometimes, I choose to escape from all that, and put myself into a tranquil scene.

And when I do, it's like when I feel as though my body is ready to go,

and my mind is ready to flow.

I'm in my own sence of time.

If I'm late, it's cause I'm ending my day just when the sun shines,

and gently advising the arising of the moon as it rolls around into my soundproof dimension

Think of what you could do if time belonged to you.

Hopefully one day it will

but until then,

I'll be chillin



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