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Time passes quickly

It's so hard to make a choice

Porcupines are Prickly

and Life helps us to have a voice!

Avoid Pucupines as they cause pain

Help each one of us with prove

That we must show that we are sane

By choosing the choice avoiding any wrong move!


Please show me the correct path

I must try to be the best

Many people need the help I want to through all the rath

Not all have had opportunity to be given the test


Through Social Work I hope to follow my dream

So many people need the help

Our troops and others aren't given the same what may seem

The dedication for someone to show them a path for self-help


My past has seen the good, bad, and everything in-between

My goals have sometimes been difficult to achieve

Oh well, I have proved to others there is a way to follow a smooth stream

Even when I though it was easier to look and just grieve


Many people need help to make their dreams become reality

Long and hard road is what I must achieve

Will be worth what I can give back acually

Any help I can be given will be appreciated now and to pay it forward is what my ultimate plan is from the beginning until I reach my dream!




This poem is about: 



A dream from having rough times but using those times to use the inner strength to try to obtain that dream.

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