Tidal Wave

Fri, 01/24/2014 - 01:06 -- snelson

I knew it was stupid to love this much

But I couldn't stop it.

This love was like a tidal wave in my heart.

Reckless, mindless.

Washing my senses away.

It hit hard, I fell with it.

My heart washing up on the shore of you.

You keep it now on your nightstand along with my lego neckace.

A daily reminder of my love that will never dissapear.

No matter how angry or sad I am with you.

You will always know I am yours forever.

Because my heart was washed away the day we watched The Breakfast Club

in the dimly lit basement.

That cold day you gave me a ride home in your beat up red truck.

The night you opened the door for me.

The time I accidentally said I love you.

In all reality, I am yours for as long as I live.


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