Tick Tick Tick


Tick Tick Tick what makes me tick

The annoying sound of the clock that clicks

As the time slowly passes

Passing while I’m sitting in my classes


Classes that make me tick tick tick

Are the ones with annoying students

Students who choose to fight

The teacher who thinks he is always right


Tick tick tick what makes me tick

The disgusting food that makes me sick

Today they had beans

They looked like they were green


Green food makes me tick tick tick

It is always so plain

And puts my stomach In pain

As painful as ice rain


Tick Tick Tick the cold makes me tick

It is always frigid and thick

I prefer to sweat

And put my feet in a pool to get wet


Tick tick tick

Theres the final bell

The bell that tells us were alive and well

That tells us we can go play

And say goodbye to this miserable day 


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