Thunder Calls


I heard the thunder outside my window last night

Each bolt a blinding sight

The glass slid easily, the pane stood bare

On the sill I balanced there


The roof refused to hold me still

And with the next gust of wind I took a spill

As I fell I felt the rain

Slick and sharp, a bed of pain


And still the clouded sky shone bright and clear

Each strike, easing the fear

Laying there I heard the call

And that sweet sound was worth the fall


Water, lightning, wind, and pain

A fall created by the insane

Even so, I welcome the madness

Just to savor the thunder's sweet sadness


I wound my fingers through my hair

My bones a rubble, my skin a tear

Lost and cold, but we're all liars here

Where is the truth, in love or lust or pain or fear?


The fall was freedom, the fall was grace

But back on the ground I found my cage

The room is clear, the room is blinding

Locked in white, a storm in hiding


The thunder called and I came

Falling and flying into the rain

They think me crazy, they fancy me insane

For finding truth under an old window pane


They said one day, two days, maybe more

What do you think, they asked, you're in here for?

For wanting and tasting and lusting for freedom, I thought

But how can I tell my captors that?


So, I smile and say: for a want of better balance, and grace

There's a chuckle and a smile, a deceptive face

A lie true and clear: the oath they'd sworn

I wish to rise, I wish to rebel; but my bones are shattered and my skin is torn



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