Through The Hourglass

We established a connection

That first time you messaged me

We started off with small talk

I told you my name, you never told me yours


You were easy going, laid back

Casual and carefree

I never really thought

How much you’d mean to me


We hit it off by talking

About everything we could

Such topics would range from

Everyday issues to our mood


Each day that slowly went by

We grew to know about each other more


We shared sentimental feelings

You had your fixation with the beach

While I held on to my teddy bear


We agreed on quite a few things

Those few things were quite a lot


But one that stood out to me

Was our own shared optimism

To face the world in all its flaws

And stand prepared to face another day


You shared with me your thoughts

And I shared mine with you

You took up a special place in my heart

But now it’s empty without you


We forged a deep connection

To some extent within our lives

And now that I can’t reach out to you

My hope to reconnect with you slowly starts to die

Fading out like light from day


And on that note I’ll finish

For as day shifts into night

I’ll remember fondly everything we’d talked about

And use it as wings to fly



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