Through All

So every gesture 

You choose to make

And the response it elicits in me

Could we keep it up

Throughout time and endlessly?

Lest we base a love on nothingness

That fades with the seasons

And we grow old,

I'm choosing to keep my heart

From running off at the wrong pace

And sticking with the aspects of you

That will fade.

So with my eyes I will choose to focus

On the heart behind your little complements -

I won't always be "pretty,"

But maybe you will always see me that way.

And maybe you won't call me as much,

But my heart will know you are safe.

Please, please someday

When we get there and it's true,

Please tell me you love me for more

Than a simple "I just do"

"I just do"'s fade with the onslaught of time

Along with the cute little things.

Life happens, and we get busy -

It threatens to tear us apart

And maybe it's too soon to call,

But when we get to the "because I love you"'s

I'm hoping they would last through all. 

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