Three, Two, One

Sun, 02/21/2016 - 22:27 -- T_C

One, Two, Three
Please, please look at me
Four, Five, Six, Seven
Your every touch feels like heaven
Eight, Nine, Ten
Smile at me again and again
Eleven, Twelve
Please don't put me on the shelf
Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen
You light my love like kerosene


Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen
Don't leave like I'm unclean
Thirteen, Twelve, Eleven
Don't walk away when I beckon
Ten, Nine, Eight
We're meant for love, not for hate
Seven, Six
They can't break me with stones and sticks
Five, Four, Three
Because you and I were meant to be


Four, Five
You make me feel so alive
Six, Seven, Eight
You make my fears abate
Seven, Six
You make me understand love song lyrics
Five, Four
With you I never know what's in store
Three, Two, One
Take my hand and let's run


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