Threat Or Warning, Terrorism Or Prediction?

If someone tells you that you will positively die because of your gross wickedness,
But the person does not say he or she is going to kill you or let someone else kill you,
It is not a threat or an incitement to terrorism against you; it is a warning and a prediction
The sad fact is that everybody will die someday whether good people or bad people

We read about the prophets who warned the wicked nations that they would be destroyed
And the ruthless kings murdered the messengers whom they regarded as a threat to them
The prophets did not threaten anybody, and neither did they incite violence against the people
They only predicted the destruction that would befall all wicked persons including the kings

It seems that the stupid Prime Minister of Jamaica and the bloodthirsty police are dunces
None of these graduates know the difference between threat and warning or terrorism and prediction,
So they have to do an extensive investigation to see whether the pastor committed an offence or not
The Prime Minister should look up the words threat, warning, terrorism and prediction in a dictionary

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