Poetry has given me an outlet to proclaim my observations of the world. 

To proclaim how people are mistreated. 

To proclaim my human experience to selective eyes. 

I have been deemed a threat to society,

therefore I ask you,

do you feel threatened by me?

Is it...

because of my hijab?

People tend to misinterpret things they don’t understand

thus allow me to clarify.

My hijab is not solely a piece of fabric on my head,

it’s draped over my body to conceal beauty and preserve modesty.

It is a physical manifestation of my submission to my Lord.

It’s a constant reminder to improve in my personal and spiritual development.

an external representation of my inward spirituality

a mark of piety

a simple cloak to preserve my dignity

It proves to me that if no man on this Earth should,

God has validated my beauty!

yet I am expected to be ashamed of expressing my religion?

to be ashamed of expressing myself?

I suffer the consequences of people who decided to attack the country I was born in.

Islam was not meant to be an excuse to perpetuate hate and evil


Muslims are discriminated against for following a religion that preaches peace.

Everything but a niqabi’s eyes are covered because she believes no stranger has the right to see her body

but when I look at commercials, instagram, images girls should look at as hashtag “goals”

I see women with nothing but their eyes covered in this male dominated society so who is really “oppressed”?   

Lift the cloaks from your eyes and your hearts,

and see me as a human being

judge me for my character,

That is what I represent.

Do not use me as a poster child for “diversity” at your event.

Consequently,  I understand why one would call people who look like me a “threat” to the west

because people like me who are not trapped in our image, but trapped in other people’s perceptions of our image

will use our knife like tongues,

bullet like words

and fire like power

to completely obliterate the bigoted mindset of this society

and the lie of freedom

and equality

and opportunity.

Hope that does doesn’t make us... terrorists.

I have goals I’m determined to achieve:

things I yearn to accomplish with my life and contribute to mankind

missions I want to ignite,

and I refuse to let any person or president get in my way of being successful.

So every day, as I get ready to face the battlefield,

with a straight pin, I fasten my shield.

So when next I ask do you feel threatened by me?

The answer

better be



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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