Thoughts for Dylan

I was just thinking, how strange that I'll never walk those halls again

But sadly, surreally, neither will you. 

I will miss you terribly, my friend. 

Even more now. 

Now, when I come back to visit, to share my tales, 

You won't be there. 

I'm numb. It just feels like a bad dream, 

Like this can't really be happening 

Like I could wake up for winter break, 

Catch the train home from college and find you

But you won't be there. 

Instead you'll be gone--

Not gone--

Just not here. 

You'll be 

In every tear

Every prayer

Every heart

On every mind and guilty thought

Every memory reel

Every tiny candle flame

Whispering through every hall and class

Every windblown flag

Every formation

Waiting on paper and soundwaves for those thoughts and feelings that cannot be fathomed into coherence

For the day we meet again

For when I ask you "why?" so you can give me some smartass comment that you've had all the time in the world to perfect.

Just one moment means so much. 

In one moment, you made the world temporarily stop.

I hope you see

You will be missed so much

You meant the world to everyone around you

We all cared

But now it's too late.

I hope you're happy now. 

So long, my friend, 

Until we meet again, 

Because after all, 

You were never truly gone

And though you won't be around, 

You will always be with us. 


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