Those voices, the haunt me!

It haunts me.
I wont.
Not again.
I left that habit.
I fought to stop.
I know it's wrong
But the voices.
The voices in my head.
They tell me its enough
They tell me to quit
It's only a little cut
They say.
It will help you forget the pain
They say.
Its no use to live
They scream
Your worthless
No one loves you
You are a problem.for everybody
They scream
Die, die
Its your fate.
Die, die
Everybody knows your a fake
Do us all a favor
And leave this world.
Take that blade
And run it through your flesh
You'll like it
You have before
You'll get use to it.
Just bleed on.the floor.
They scream.
They yell
They laugh
Maybe they are right.
Maybe I should die.
Life would be better without me there
I won't see my mother cry.
I won't have to be perfect in everybody's eyes
But again I know it's just not right.
I've stopped for two year.
I've stopped taking pills
I've tried to move on
I've thrown away the blade.
I don't have the need to cause myself more pain.
I know the truth.
I know I know
But those voices keep on coming through.

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