Those Kids


High School is a scary thing if you think about it.

That girl over there, beating herself under her breath because she's "two sizes too big". She gave up eating for weeks not knowing that they would still sneer if she had fit into that extra small.

Or that boy with the bandage around his wrist. Claiming it was an accident to his tormentors; they knew better though.  He wasn't broken enough to hide it with his sleeves, just like everyone else.

See the transfer trying to fit in with the jocks? He was willing to become a dog just so he wouldn't have to stand the feeling of rejection while with his classmates, the kids who've been together for their whole lives.

The nerd huddled in the corner of the library? She's afraid of failure. A parental pedestal up so high, she couldn't see the ground anymore. A fear that turned into obsession, turned friends into strangers.

Those boys with the ripped jeans and broken backpacks? They gave up trying before they even started. Willing to let the world churn them around in this pain of reality.

And those girls in the bathroom. Applying layer upon layer of makeup. Trying to cover up their unsecurities, trying to have outer beauty because no one looked deep enough to see their inner glow.

You can't judge us. You haven't stepped in our shoes or walked in our path. You haven't cried the tears we've shed, nor felt our despair. So please, don't say anything if you don't know anything.

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