Third Eye Awakened


My third eye has awakened.

It has been close for years and years. 

You know when you eye has open when the mind has opened.

It can never been seen unless seen death at its strongest.

Death comes in as a windstorm beginning to emerge.

Slow at first but later gather up stronger and stronger till all is gone.


My third eye has awakened when you know your love one has lost the thought of you. 

When family members have fraught over for your love or lost it for you. 

Stuck in the middle of voices coming down on you.

Voices of wisdom but as of a cave wall only few can understand. 

When disappointed is all you can give; for all good things are never really seen when there is one evil. 

When situations are never really an accident for there is always a start.


My third eye has awakened when thoughts of life pass you day by day.

Knowing the feeling of there is nothing you can do that will change.

For all is done and only for the thought of change can come. 

For those who have left can never come back.

For those who have returned can never forget their past.

For there will always be a tomorrow to look ahead or dread.  



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