Am i not good enough for you?

Is that what it is?

I want to be over here, but you're pushing me over there

What you think about me, when was the last time I actually cared?

The roller coaster called life is going up and down, every which way

And I'm too busy screaming, that the words I'm trying to let out, I have no ability to say

I feel like I'm at the bottom,

But there are no Fairy God Mothers in this world to pull me back up to the top

If you're saying people don't change,

Then amybe you should stop trying it on me

Life's a book, man, turn the page,

See what's next,

Stop leaving yourself  in suspense

I'm only on my first chapter, stop trying to speed me up

But where does number two start?

Life's a test,

I'm not living off of a chart

What happens when I die?

Does my chapter end?

I have no time to waste, yet there's very little to spend

Life's a dream, and when we die, we wake up?

Or is it the other way around?

Maybe were dreaming...

Or maybe... we're wide awake?

There will be a day, when everything is gone

Everyone is dead

They say that when you die, you're asleep forever?

But waking up again isn't a never

Life is a test,

And you should always be trying to get your score at your absolute best

Don't fall in with the rest

I barely know where I'm getting with this

To express what i feel in single words,

It would be a forever long list

What am i saying

What are you saying?

The fustration built up inside me

It's taking everything away

But away from what?





This world?


I can't even answer,

Nothing is in my sight,

I want it back,

But i can no longer hold on tight

So I'm letting go

I'm letting it all go,

I'm letting you go

The light in here is so low

I can barely see your face to say goodbye,

Because, when you said you loved me,

It almost felt as if it was all a lie





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