The things love makes me do

My love for you is so strong that I will split my last slice of bread with you, even if I have not ate in days

I love you to the point where my fears are a little less scary and the days are a bit easier to get by

I love you for the complexity of your mind and the truthfulness in each word that you speak

I express that I love you by asking how you are and actually listening because I know you want to be understood instead of heard and nowadays you can barely find someone to do just that

Because I love you, I kiss you at yellow lights, just because the red lights do not give me enough time to embrace you

My love for you is fearless and knows no limits

My love has turned my "goodbyes" to "see you later" because I refuse to imagine a day without you

Love can be as addictive as a drug and if you were to ever slip from my hands, the withdrawal from you might permately damage me, so please stay

Understand that there is no love without the gentleness of your presence so I vow to love you with the simplicity of my heart for today, tomorrow, and forever

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