This thing called love

This thing that we call love I don't want to be a part of
Something so insane something so dire I feel is if a part of me craves it
It's no longer an option when I hear his name but I know this won't last
Nothing ever lasts with him and always goes away and tears me apart like the tide on a windy day
But yet my light has yet to fade because it'll never go away
That word love is a tricky little one it's something that can build you up and tear you down in a second that silly little word that we all use to quickly becomes just another word in our vocabulary
We use it without even thinking without even wondering how it makes that other person feel like a razor blade cutting through your skin when that person turns around and says "oh but we're just friends"
It hurts even more when you give them a part of you and you show them that you're always there but the thing is that person will never care
Commitment is now just another thing that everyone runs away from when they hear the word their brain is scattered 
I don't want to be in my room anymore I don't want to be in my head 
So they leave you on read and pretend that message you sent is something you never said but in reality you did when all you want is just a commitment something that everybody cherishes something that is like a new moon
The worst part is when you send him that pic and all he sends is an emoji
He can't even sit there and tell you how he feels when He wants to tell you he changes his mind and says he'll talk to you tomorrow
And for some reason even after all these years he runs through your mind like a train going down the tracks like your favorite song always on replay but he's also your worst nightmare
He can make you happiest person on the planet make you feel like all your days are worth something but then turn around and take that all away
Everything feels all right when you're with him or when you talk to him when you text him when you look at him but for a split-second you actually wonder if this is what it's like if this is love because girl I did some thinking about this and I can't begin to comprehend what love is
This is just another thing that will pass like it always does it always passes you'll go away to college and He'll stay here
And then you come back to your little town and maybe one day you'll run into him and he'll ask you how you have been And you'll tell him all about how great your life is now but a part of you will always miss that face that smile the sense of humor he always had
You might exchange numbers and tell each other we'll keep in touch but things will never be the same and this love will fade away

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made me cry so beautiful and sad but so true it happens to the best of us i swear.


thank you so much, and it does. It really does.

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