They Were Good


Everything can be handled to ones desire

We are given dominion over all that lies in front of us and that remains in us

Somehow some see most things as corrupt or tainted

what were those things before they were mishandled?

they were good

they had full potential to enlighten, enrich, and aid

a word

a hand

a mind

words have become constant sources of slander and expression of dissension

hands are remembered for abuse, for releasing weapons, for self pleasure

the mind is cluttered with visions of violence, memories of pain, and thoughts of anger

before they were missused they were good

words must be used as sources to comfort, to encourage, and to teach

hands need to be remembered for their ability to give affection, guide, and create

the mind has to become cleared and used for inspiration, love, and thoughts coplacency

so easily can the things of this world become corrupt and tainted

let us rather seek ways to return them to the state they began

when they were good

let the things of this world and the people that use them be remembered for the good that remains within them





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