They say Heroin is making a comeback

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 01:22 -- Jamayah


They say Heroine is making a comeback

Well I’d sure hope so because I was born too late to experience the full affect of it with people like me

It’s said to be highly addictive

But I guess the addiction was overrun by the illicit

Couldn’t get past customs

Because the law of the land is to keep Heroine under the restraints of an illegitimate idea

It would be a miscarriage

of justice to keep Heroine

Under wraps

When it is so potent


Develop superpowers to snatch babies from the mouths of sharks which is how you escape the jaws of death and I was just wondering where the hell was aqua man

Or chasing down a school bus so Jesus won’t have to take the wheel from a seizing bus driver Mother takes control of the whip which is how you drop kids of at the pool

And carried off by a freak wave but a mom still managed to push her kids toward safety


They say Heroine is making a comeback

I hope it sticks this time because bitch hoe and trick aren’t the compliment people twisted them to be

Female lawyer Ms. Doctor and Madame President is far more encouraging


They say Heroine is making a comeback

Well good because since it’s been low key I’ve been high strung from my eyes being date raped by being forced to bear this sausage fest witness

I know it’s raining men

Wolverine Batman Spiderman Ironman Captain America Mr. Incredible a policeman fireman congressman Obama

Send me a woman! I need Heroine! On the sixth day God said let there be woman! And it was good  

And in a matter of time she threatened to turn the world upside down again

While Adam said that’s fine dear as long as you have it all cleaned up again by the time you make dinner

And Eve said I got your dinner right here

Eat this apple

Some say she was trying to ruin paradise

But I believe she was trying to bite into the right to be educated

Some say she was trying to ruin paradise

But I believe she had high apple pie in the sky hopes that she was biting into equality

But sometimes biting apples don’t pan out quite right just ask Snow-white

But just know that I am coming for my equality as a woman and I’m bout ready to turn the world upside down again


They say Heroine is making a comeback! They say Heroine is making a comeback! They say Heroine is making a comeback!

Well keep on coming I’ve been feeling like the spotlight has been missing a sort of feminine mystique and Betty Friedman could expose you to the horrors of a home body

Because I know you think I look pretty like this a housewife but I want to shift forms and be a working lady

Although I think being a feminist is my best shift in shape

We were so close to getting it all in the 1970’s the right to play sports with the boys Go to work with the men the only thing we couldn’t grasp was the same pay as the stubborn jack asses we were in business with

So if they ask me will finally fixing the pay gap shut you women up Changing the percent of your pay from 60 to 100 is that All you want

I’ll smile and look them in the eye and say No! I want it all!

I want to make 100% of what a man makes

And when I make a call about violence against women I don’t want the average Joe showing up 30 minutes too late

I want Jack to be nimble and quick and smite with an iron fist whoever is trying to offend my right as a woman

And I want Mitt Romney and ever other man to shut up about my body

If I want to “Wade” in the water vs. “Roe” my boat up creek without a paddle it’s my choice

If I’m raped by Satan and impregnated I don’t have to have Rosemary’s baby

The only negotiable thing about abortion

Is my right to choose


They say Heroine is making a comeback

And I’m getting high just thinking about it

Want the Euphoria to wash over me like swimming through a sea of Angela Davis lectures on equality

While the Sojourner of Truth walks all over me like the hooves of the horse parading Lady Godiva through the street Heroine is freeing

Heroine is freeing

Heroine is debating

Heroine is running through the street preaching


Heroine is brown

For we sizzle with the fire of oppression

Heroine is black tar

Because we find strength in black power and kind of empowerment sticks with you

Heroine is horse

for Lady Godiva to ride highly in on

Heroine is smack

for when you’re losing your grip on reality get a hold of yourself

Heroine is a female hero

A woman of courage outstanding achievements or noble qualities


They say Heroine is making a comeback

Well I think that would be dope


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