They Say


You are so smart,

They say.

So much potential,

They say.

You'll be great,

They say.

Just get your test scores up,

They say.

32 isn't good enough.


You are so beautiful,

They say.

So athletic,

They say.

You'll be happy in your skin,

They say.

Just don't wear heels ,

They say.

5'6 is tall enough.


You are so confident,

They say.

So well-spoken,

They say.

You'll be a great leader,

They say.

Just don't be so bossy,

They say.

A woman should be more polite.


I say

I am a woman,

So smart, so beautiful, so confident.

I say I am no number.

I'll be more than what they say.

If I can only break their ties,

I'll get a say in what "they say."






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