They Don't Define Me, I Do

Two children were born

Neglected and alone.

Till the age of two

When you took us home.


Battles were fought

And habits were changed.

Through your love and compassion,

I began to rearrange.


I grew up, not knowing their names.

And for a time that was okay.

But after a while swimming in despair,

My crowded mind began to fray.


Why would they leave?

Why didn’t they care?

I asked these questions

Till you sat me in a chair.


I was told the truth

A couple years ago.

Because of you

I could finally let go.


I no longer question who they were,

Nor do I question where they are.

All that matter to this day

Is that your love is never far.


Because of you

I can shine like a star.

With your love throughout the years,

I’ve become the best so far.


Love you forever.

Love you today.

Thank you for being

Here to stay.



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