They Come at Dawn


They Come at Dawn

            Groaning, screeching, yelling

            They jolt the boards

            Clawing like savage beasts

            Swamped in foul odor  


            Beaming sun bright eyes

            I see the lies

            Hollow inside

            Bloodthirsty they call sonorously


            Breathing shallow air

            Clapping the torn stone

            Snapping bones

            Lunging towards home


            Numbers in packs

            Stacks of dead

            Pail ghost like skin

            Worn away hair  


            Four to one we’re outgunned

            Steel, tin, metal men, charge our walls

            Defiant and merciless

            Bitter than ice


            They begin at night

            Ascend from their graves

            Howl at the setting sun

            They come at dawn until we’re done



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