They called us the Future


a little over a second, a minute over an hour ago,

They called us,

a little over day, a week over a month ago,

They called us,

a little over a year, decades over centuries ago,

They called us the future


Countrymen fertilized the soils with blood to grow our aspirations yet unborn

Fathers wiped their brows dry to wash our struggles

Mothers drained their milkpot to nourish our conciousness

and with fading strength they believed and called us

They called us the future


from the graves yonder, heads aswam with an ill shake

in the cancerous wind our mouth birth

with eyes wide open, and up-looking posterity gazes upon us

yet with conciense of failure do we now seek to shift blame and responsibility and call them THE FUTURE

yet they called us, and still from the grave yonder call us,

The Future

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