They Are You And Me

He has wings a wise heart

He will forgive all my mistakes

He will walk alone

knowing that the last at the end of life

I am in his heart

He is me loving you with paintings that you put on the wall

of my longer wings for your art of love

like the one you placed of yesterday

They are you and me

Their wings and each of them flying in different ways

They are you and me

Looking for a unique place to live

Where people look to us And yet we don't care

Where Angels just and the unjust have jealousy

and admiration from our flight

A whole lifetime to say He writes on pieces of paper

He is not like other stories of men

In the whole world

He is me loving you

They are you and me their wings loving in the wind

Loving-thinking-missing each in the distance

They are you and me

Actually loving while society turns out to be dirt sometimes

when they criticize our love

They are you and me

They are you and me creating new auroras with our souls

green colors even the most obscure

In any universe but loving tired of not being together in other spaces also

They are you and me

Looking for any look because it is the entrance of the soul

especially our eyes

I would not give so God will create all those possible spaces together

although in the universe remains evidence

I would love you although my DNA it was taken as a crazy human between space

But is that a scientific human light do not see I belong my own inner race

the one is capable of loving without a star take fingerprints of my material

Because my race belongs to love and not to the result of my genetic

They are you and me those who in spite of years still feel the pain

the pain of not having lived what so much they planned

but never a bitter love

Just a wrong one in not wait you did not want to wait wait for me

They are you and me

one find me A where are you? You'll miss me?

They are you and me taking off the cement

The feet from the body by of the soul because it is what causes love

That and more

They are you and me those of pupils in love

a love so irreplaceable in spite of everything

Knowing thousand ways to love

It was nice to have flown a while

With defects with errors

They are you and me.

-Jonatan Vega


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