These Words

These words that sit at the tip of my toungue, feel like bullets coming out of a gun that has just been blasted, this pain that has lasted from sun up to sun down I'm laying on this ground cold blooded as i would say, wishing i could go back to that day, using my words wisely, talking to that person that might have been planning my death, planning that i would leave this earth never even knowing my worth, now I'm laying 6 feet under in this dirt forgetting all the morals and values my parents have instilled in me but i ask myself "what about me"? These words that bring me back to that day feeling like a stray like i never belonged but i apologize to the people i have wronged making them feel like a nobody but in reality they were somebody never knowing that i was showing negativity but believe me these words that I'm spitting is a reality, roses are red, violets are blue when i look up at the sky God I'm thinking of you hoping that you forgive me for my wrongs i never had my poem made into a song. I write this poem to say be careful who you talk about because you never know what they're about

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