These Blades of Green


Fresh with rain, glistening so beautifully,

Welcoming for mine, it haunts me,

Chills bite at my face,

Numb with fear…

It stands under me, brown, green, feet,

Slick and muddy, it reflects our pain,

Yet so soft, like heaven—

Is heaven quite so innocent?

No, not heaven.


Are you now hiding here,

In these blades of green, or

Do you stand beside me, staring like me

At the demon that fills these waking moments,

Tinted with yellow, the sun,

Then patches, small patches,

Yet big, with darkness, enveloping me,

But wait—

Shadows are slowly creeping,

Slowly, so gently,

Gently to keep steady the peace,

Not peace but pain, this green haunts me,

Pausing, anxiously, at me,

I feel it, a tear,

Falling, down to the demon,

Are you hiding here,

In these blades of green.

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