There Is No Greater Love Than Mine

Emily, there is no greater love than mine.
My love for you exceeds the capacity to love.
You have awakened the unparalleled love in me.
I cannot suppress the urge to satisfy you.
The love in my heart is the greatest love of all.
My adoration for you will never decrease.

I am not exaggerating the extent of my love;
It is a special love that only my heart can hold.
The passion is getting too intense for me,
So I am ready to show you the fervour of my love.
I love you beyond the boundary of eroticism.
Darling, there is no greater love than mine.

I possess a love that other wooers do not have.
My love is capable of bringing you happiness.
You will never find another love so pure and real.
I am your only adorer with this kind of love,
And nobody else can love you the same way I do.
I have the strongest feelings of love for you.

No warmer love than mine exists anywhere.
Words alone cannot reveal what is in my heart.
Do not doubt the permanence of my love,
For it will last longer than the longest romance.
Some men say they love you more than me,
But in truth, there is no greater love than mine.


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