There a god. But truth

Fri, 09/01/2017 - 03:24 -- Poision

There a god. But truth is god's angel... How to have this amongst all. Believe in it and you'll see the difference between us now. That is what is my promise of this and they will,matter. Then after all those have prayed..prayer, outspoken truth gods too pray for who,who is this.

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Our world



I gave you my heart and you put it in your pocket like it was nothing.


I'm under the prayer of an angel... Under the wings of an angel, and all I do is praise. At prayer I feel hopelessly hoped for, why and why must I give this prophet for you my selves are what is my worth.... Its not just me its as itself and dreams, forgiveness you've had your last chances. But why must you have this answer and of me. From the heart of someone who cares. And the last chance, im only awaken like this in a nitemare. Feeling are among us and forever seems like its meant never...only its meanings are never to had forever too numb. That was my chance.


This is in my heart and I can't let go ..why must you make such a miss with me.  How can i have an asnwser for who this is for.Why who does this being beloning too.. Is it me or are you surrendering my prayers. Having you is like a never to let go, and there it will stay. Distance, between us is a fault. Disire is among this what to  when you fall too deep in love? Theres only answered prayers that give me a forgiveness, where do I start with that its you that had this and lost me and now want me back...under all this someone I've become and you only what I've loved again. I have a voice and hearing it just is better while you turn the answers into missing puzzle peices for me... End it here I can't believe anymore.. I still will love you but do you love me at all? Can I have a price back on that? Can I have you at all...dreams are unwritten and published anonymous till you actually remember what you think of only In dreams this is how I'm supposed to feel where do you come in to this beyond,prayer. I believe in every word I write... But his do you do... Do that to me miss you and have the answer.. But what if your answer is about me do you surrender?

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