There is a God

There is a God
And I know damn well because it keeps screwing me over and over.
There is a God
That keeps fucking my life up,
I never gave it my consent.
There is a wall,
It keeps me from going forward.
There is a ceiling,
I can see through but not reach.
There is a cosmic nature,
I know because bad things that lack of explanation keep happening to me.
Call it a system, call it the State, call it the rulers, call it the world, call it an energy, call it trauma, call it God
But it keeps on carving under my eyes
And finding darker and darker shades of blue.
There is a God,
Any way you want to percieve it,
It lets people hurt way more than they should,
It lets me want to think about leaving and never meeting it,
It keeps me in a cage.
Maybe there is a God and I'm already in Hell.
Maybe there is a God and I was Adolf fucking whatever in my previous life, to say the least
Because what else could make me deserve this punishment?
And I am a non believer,
But things keep getting out of my hand.
I'm not talking about any god,
But there is one
And it keeps fucking me without my consent.

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Our world
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